Excitement Builds – whoneedsthemall.com gift emporium nears completion

Whoneedsthemall.com is set to change the way South Africans buy gifts and handmade products.

Small businesses who create wonderful hand made and craft products now have the perfect platform to showcase their products and sell to a wide audience who want more than just the “same old” from the Mall.

Whoneedsthemall.com gives shoppers a wonderful selection of quintessential gift ideas in a beautiful, easy to use and secure online environment. Browsing through categories and artisans individual shops is a pleasure. Shoppers are sure to discover a unique, individual and personal gift ideas.

Opening a store is FREE and a commission is only charged when you actually sell something. So there is nothing to lose and everything to gain from opening your store today. For all the info you need about your store click here

Whoneedsthemall.com is brought to you by Mum’s Mail. Since 2014 Mum’s Mail has been informing our readers of products that make life fun and interesting. Originally in Durban and now expanding across South Africa, Mum’s Mail is on a mission to bring the best of South Africa’s craft and creative businesses to our audience. So we created the whoneedsthemall.com online marketplace where you can buy unusual and wonderful products that you just wouldn’t find in the mall.